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Overview: For Physicians

Compounding is an exciting, yet practical facet in the suite of pharmacological services available to the medical and veterinary communities. The Corner Apothecary provides this highly customized prescription option to professionals in a wide variety of medical and related fields.

Many find that the traditional retail pharmacy does not have the time, training or equipment to provide one-of-a-kind dosing options or individualized means of administering medications. This limits your ability as a care provider to identify the best course of action for every situation. We manufacture prescriptions to meet YOUR specific requirements, thereby expanding the repertoire of services you can offer your patients.

The professionals at The Corner Apothecary strive for optimum service and unmatched accessibility in producing quality, effective medication treatments in specific customized forms and dosages. Our focus on integrity, teamwork and innovation creates an environment for us to correctly identify the most current medication production techniques available to us, which we can then make available to you.

Some of the options available include:


offer significant advantage for patients who have difficulty swallowing by allowing
drug absorption through the skin. A helpful option for administering medication to
chronically nauseous patients or when it is inadvisable to rouse a resting patient.


all allow absorption through the oral mucosa that goes directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. These are ideal dosage forms for children or patients for whom a medication needs to be held in contact with the oral mucosa.


can be custom compounded to contain multiple, compatible, active ingredients. Our compounding staff can prepare capsules in strengths not available from the traditional retail pharmacy.


remain a popular dosage form for many medications. Appropriate for patients who cannot take medications orally or for administering drugs that require direct access to the rectal or vaginal area.

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